About Us


OpportunityKnocks is a national online job board, HR resource, and career development destination focused exclusively on the nonprofit community. We are committed to leading and supporting efforts that help further nonprofit careers and to promoting a robust workforce that enables organizations to fulfill their missions.

For professionals, www.OpportunityKnocks.org is the premier destination for finding nonprofit jobs and for accessing valuable resources for developing successful careers in the nonprofit community.

For Employers, www.OpportunityKnocks.org is the best way to find qualified candidates and receive valuable information that nonprofit organizations need when building successful recruitment, retention, and human resource strategies.

By the Numbers

Employer Composition

Comprised of more than 30,000 nonprofit organizations, national recruitment firms, government agencies, and local service providers, two-thirds of our organizations have budgets exceeding $500,000.

Organizational Budget

  • 36% of OpportunityKnocks users have a budget up to $500,000
  • 28% of OpportunityKnocks users have a budget between $500,000 and $2,000,000
  • 16.5% of OpportunityKnocks users have a budget between $2,000,000 and $5,000,000
  • 19.5% of OpportunityKnocks users have a budget over $5 million

Job Seeker Composition

More than 400,000 job seekers use our services. These highly educated and experienced individuals range from current nonprofit professionals and graduates to transitioning corporate professionals who are looking for jobs that change the world.

Education Levels Achieved

  • 47% of jobseekers on OpportunityKnocks have a bachelors degree
  • 34% have either a masters or a doctorate degree

Job Experience

  • 21% have less than five years hands-on experience
  • 37% have 5-10 years hands-on experience
  • 32% have 11-20 years hands-on experience
  • 10% have 20+ years hands-on experience