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Founding Principal, Early College High School at Delaware State University | Dover DE 19901 USA | Full Time | Posted: 12/17/2012

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Early College High School at Delaware State University
Job Description
Founding Principal


Early College High School at Delaware State University (ECHS at DSU) is a planned, STEM-focused charter high school that will fast-track first-generation college-bound students through their high school program and into college. ECHS at DSU will open its doors to students in grade 9 in the fall of 2014 and grow into a 9-12 program by adding one grade per academic year.

The school will replicate the nationally recognized early college high school model and will seek to serve particularly those students who have traditionally been underrepresented in higher education. In the tradition of early college high schools across the nation, students at the ECHS at DSU will have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and up to 60 hours of college credit during their four-year high school career, and will develop the drive and focus necessary to succeed at all levels of education and in their chosen careers.

Innovation, curiosity, and intellectual risk-taking are at the heart of ECHS at DSU, and each of these concepts aligns with the 21st-century skills that students will need as future leaders in STEM professions. The early college high school model sees mastery of core subjects and 21st-century themes as essential to ensuring that all students are able to thrive in a complex, connected world

ECHS at DSU is looking for a highly motivated and dedicated instructional leader to be the founding principal of Delaware’s first Early College High School.


In collaboration with the Board, the principal will provide the vision and leadership needed to create a progressive and dynamic learning community, developing the school’s program, establishing the school’s curriculum, and hiring the founding teachers. A successful candidate must demonstrate a passion to support effective teaching and learning for underrepresented students in a non-traditional setting. The principal of ECH at DSU will be a data-driven leader who looks to the strengths of the whole to achieve common goals and outcomes for students, schools, teachers, classrooms, and communities.

The principal will report directly to the Board of Directors and work collaboratively with the school’s Charter Management Organization (CMO), and Delaware State University.

Planning Year (July 2013-June 2014)
• Guide the development of the curriculum, school policies, systems, and structures.
• Hire instructional staff in collaboration with CMO and Board of Directors.
• Plan professional development, including summer institute for staff, in collaboration with CMO.

Instructional Leadership
• Establish and maintain high expectations for all students and the pervasive belief that all students can learn and achieve at high levels.
• Lead the staff in maintaining fidelity to the Early College High School philosophy and approach to curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
• Work with the CMO Project Manager and school design instructional coach to create and execute a yearlong schedule for professional development. Ensure professional development aligns with the mission, vision, and goals of the school.
• Ensure that curricula are academically rigorous, relevant, equitable, and engaging for students, employing techniques of active pedagogy.
• Develop instructional schedules for classes, special subjects, and inclusion. Ensure common planning time for teachers. Ensure schedules support instructional and curricular goals.
• Identify and deploy a strong network of academic supports to ensure each student receives the assistances he/she needs to achieve personal postsecondary goals.
• Develop, maintain and use information systems, records and student assessment program to show progress on performance as well as college readiness and success in advanced courses.
• Maintain strong relationship with Board of Directors and attend monthly meetings of the Board.
• Collaborate with the CMO Project Manager to maintain compliance with all aspects of the Charter Performance Agreement and the charter’s curriculum, instructional program, and strategies.
• Collaborate with the Board and CMO to develop and implement a school improvement plan that supports increased student achievement and success.
• Work with higher education partners, school advisory team, and CMO to establish a rigorous five-year leaning plan (five years of high school and one year beyond) that seamlessly integrates high school and postsecondary education, guaranteeing all students have the opportunity to complete a high school diploma and 60 hours of college credit during their four-year high school career.

School Culture
• Establish a strong school culture based on the vision, mission and philosophy of the school articulated in the school’s charter.
• Create a safe, secure, orderly, and productive learning environment, including establishing guides for proper student conduct and holding students accountable to school wide behavioral expectations.
• Model and promote respect for the diversity of student backgrounds, experiences, developmental needs and learning approaches.
• Support teachers in implementing the discipline policy and make final decisions to uphold the appropriate disciplinary measures.

Data-Driven Decision Making
• Ensure that data collection systems are in place and that data are being analyzed and used to improve instructional practices, curriculum and assessment practices.
• Propose school-wide instructional goals to the Board of Directors based on data and performance.
• Ensure that teachers provide assessment information and data to parents during parent teacher conferences.
• Develop a plan and implement strategies for raising achievement in subgroups who do not make AYP or who score below the ECSH at DSU average. Work with teachers and PLC’s to develop plans for individual students achieving below grade level.

Daily Operations
• Supervise and regularly monitor the day-to-day operations of the school.
• Ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations and reporting in collaboration with the CMO.
• Develop and implement effective management structures, strategies, and procedures.
• Oversee the organization of student files and databases, including enrollment documents, residency documents, medical records, and free and reduced lunch applications.
• Ensure that teachers maintain accurate records and record grades and attendance accurately in eSchool.
• Ensure that the special education coordinator maintains accurate records and that all cases are in compliance with State and Federal regulations.
• Design and deliver a recruitment and retention program that ensures the school’s growth from a minimum of 100 students in year one to 400 plus students within the first four years of operation in collaboration with the CMO.
• Work collaboratively with the Charter Management Organization through the CMO Project Manager in all areas of administration and management in accordance to the CMO agreement, including student transportation; student recruitment, application, and enrollment; health and safety regulations; and out-of-school programming.

• Ensure proper budgeting, accounting, auditing, and financial planning in collaboration with the Board of Directors and CMO.
• Prepare detailed budgets and monitor budget categories and expenditures. Participate on the school’s Financial Oversight Committee.
• Provide priorities for fundraising projects to the Board of Directors.
• Collaborate with the school’s Board of Directors to support fundraising activities.

• Conduct the recruitment and selection process for all personnel and make recommendations to the school’s Board of Directors on all hiring and termination actions in collaboration with the CMO Project Manager; oversee those processes and documentation.
• Supervise, and support a staff of administrators, teachers, and support staff.
• Maintain accurate personnel files according to DDOE regulations.
• Evaluate teachers annually using DPASSII policies and procedures.
• Annually review and update the staff handbook and personnel policies in collaboration with the CMO Project Manager.

Parent and Community Involvement
• Develop and maintain a program to integrate parents and other community members into the culture of the school, to increase participation among underrepresented parent groups.
• Ensure teachers regularly communicate with parents and conduct parent-teacher conferences.
• Oversee the parent and community volunteer training program and connect trained parent and community volunteers to staff.
• Maintain accurate and updated records on background checks for all volunteers working directly with children.
• Establish and maintain relationships with community members and organizations to support the education program and operations at ECHS at DSU.
• Review and revise the parent and community handbook on an annual basis in collaboration with the CMO Project Manager.

Key Personal Attributes

Mission-driven: Makes decisions based on the values of the Early College program and the mission of the school; believes that good is not good enough; only great will suffice; disciplined in staying on course.

Strategic: Able to anticipate problems, devise and carry out plans; manage time, work and resources effectively; prioritize and organize strategies to reach goals.

Collaborative: Establishes and maintains a culture where students and staff are treated with respect and appropriately included in decisions; gives credit and empowers others.

Tenacious: Shows a relentless drive and determination to achieve outcomes and results; adjusts course quickly when necessary; shows resilience when meeting obstacles or failure.

Emotionally intelligent: Able to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions; shows self-knowledge, awareness of others, and ability to influence group dynamics; demonstrates professional maturity.

Culturally savvy: Has experienced and successfully navigated the challenges of a multi-cultural educational environment, demonstrating sensitivity to different cultures, languages and value systems.


• Five (5) years of instructional/classroom experience required, including experience at the secondary level
• Three (3) years of principal/ school leadership experience at the school, district, or state level
• Delaware Principal Certification or proven ability to meet certification criteria
• Master’s or Doctoral Degree in education or a related field from an accredited college or university
• Knowledge of Delaware state standards
• Knowledge of and agreement with the academic goals and philosophy of the early college model and of the Early College High School at Delaware State University
• Passion for working in the field and commensurately strong work ethic
• Commitment to accountability for all aspects of school’s charter, academic performance agreement, and school operations
• Demonstrated success in encouraging and engaging parental involvement preferred
• Exceptional organizational, communication (writing and speaking), public relations, and interpersonal skills
• Able to prioritize and effectively manage competing tasks and responsibilities
• Able to sustain a calm, reasonable approach, and communicate effectively in stressful or problematic situations
• Experience with financial management and resource allocation
• Skilled in the use of the internet, email, and Microsoft Office
• Able to lift up to 50 pounds
• Able to hear within normal range, with or without amplification
• Able to participate in activities that may include standing, sitting, walking, and to perform work requiring visual acuity
• Experience in a charter school
• Grant-writing experience
• Experience collaborating with institutions of higher education
• Experience serving low-income student populations

Anticipated start date: July 1, 2013
To apply: Send a cover letter, resume, and list of three references to

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Location Dover, DE, 19901, United States
Categories Education
Function Administration
Experience Years 5 yrs
Pref Degree Masters
Certifications School administrative certification

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Contact Name Zahava Stadler
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